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14 December 1989
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a bit about me
I'm 21, I'm French, I live in La Rochelle, a town on the west shore. I've studied Psychology in a town called Poitiers during 3 years and I've been living in Rennes since September 2010. I speak French, English, and a bit of German. I've studied English at school since I was 10, and keep performing my English by reading books and watching movies & tv-series in english. And of course, writing this LJ. And reading other LJs. And fanfics. A lot of fanfics.
Feel free to correct my language mistakes, it can only help!

And if you know where the quote that inspired this layout is from, then you'll understand I'm also a bit of a dork :p

things i like, things i don't
I don't like raw tomatoes, people who put too much parfume on and who listen to music in the public transports without earphones. I love pastas, chocolate and strawberries, but no mixed together.
I like walking along the harbor, listenning to the rain, and being a fangirl. I love writing, most of all fanfictions, both in french and english. I spend hours reading fanfics and using Photofiltre Studio. I love talking with people whose clocks display 9AM when mine says it's 4PM already.

things i watch compulsively
bones, chuck, criminal minds, csi:ny, doctor who, dr horrible sing along's blog, house, how i met your mother, merlin, psych, sanctuary, sherlock, stargate universe, supernatural, the big bang theory, torchwood...

actors & actresses i'm fond of
alaina huffman, amanda tapping, arthur darvill, benedict cumberbatch, bradley james, colin morgan, david tennant, hugh jackman, jensen ackles, jim beaver, karen gillan, katie mcgrath, matt smith, matthew gray gubler, misha collins, nathan fillion, neil patrick harris, richard dean anderson, zachary quinto

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