Estel (sweetestel) wrote,

Title: Mutants: Second Generation 
Author: lilian_cho
Artist: Me, hello!
Summary: Powerful telepath Merlin went through life identifying as an empath until the night he encountered a brilliant mind in the waters.

Note: I need to thank lilian_cho for picking my prompt! Thank you for sticking up to my silly fusion idea and making it something brilliant! I can't wait to read the entirety of the fic. I had an awesome time with you, sharing ideas, reading extracts and making stuff! I hope you will like these :)
Note 2: Oh, hay, I'm still alive! Yep. I've kinda moved to tumblr

Resources: Once more I need to thank all the brilliant people on DeviantArt who are kind enough to share stock images, let us graphics makers use them and post them on external websites. I wouldn't be able to do anything without them. The list of resources is long but bear with me! 

1. (Arthur, Leon screencaps)
Merlin's Keep (Gwaine, Morgana and Merlin stills)
X-Men First Class still (... I mighth have lost that link?)
XMFC School Logo

XMFC Charles Poster (Castle, Old Merlin)

XMFC Erik Poster (Excalibur)
Tree by Its-only-stock
Building by Mithgariel-stock

Merlin's Keep (Arthur, Igraine)
Disparue.Org (Nimueh)
Texture by Yawee
Texture 2 by
Texture 3 by
Coin by Crystal-stock
Young man by Birdsistersstock
Young child by Iquitcountingstock


1. Mutants: Second Generation

dA | Tumblr

2. Before he was Emrys he was Merlin


3. Before he was Eisen he was Arthur


4. Flashbacks


I live on comments & constructive criticism. And cookies. 
(More of my graphics)

Tags: .graphics, character:arthur, character:merlin, fandom: merlin, fandom: xmfc
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