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20 Colin Morgan Icons

Usually, I don't jump on new awesome photoshoots to make some icons because it's what everyone does and we all end up making more or less the same icons! This time's different! My friend tindu asked me for some Colin icons from this photoshoots as a part of merlin_love 's gift exchange. I couldn't say no :p

So I tried different things. New things. I hope you'll like them, darling!



So obviously, guys, these were originally made for tindu but there's no way I'm going to forbid anybody to use them (actually there's no way I *could* do it! Plus that would mean I'd have to forbid myself from using them... not happening :p )
As symbolic as it is, tindu , consider these as yours! :)

+ "I want to see more of your Merlin things"
+ "I want to see more of your icons"
+ "I want to see more of your graphics"

RULES: no hotlinking, no editing, no claiming your own. And please, if you use the icons, credit! [How do I do that?] Also, I loooove comments and constructive criticism! Lastly... Enjoy!
Tags: !i'm a fangirl, !i'm an artist (sort of), .graphics, .icons, actor:colin morgan, fandom: merlin
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