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I wish you all a great Christmas Eve
and Merry Christmas!

I hope you'll be spending it with the people you love and that Santa will bring you everything you've asked for! (Because I know you've all been nice this year. Yes. Even you, naughty NC-17 fanfic writers :p)

I know some of you don't like Christmas, I know some of you are far from the ones they love, I know some of you haven't been lucky this year or especially lately, so I'm sending you all my good vibes and hopes for you to spend a nice Christmas anyway and for things to get better on your side.

Tonight I'll be with my Mom, my sister, my two brothers, their wives, my three nieces and one of my brother's best friend who is considered as family by all of us. I'll get impatient because my brother is hosting all of us and he's not really good at doing that. I'll get crazy against my (quite loud) nieces. I'll get annoyed by one of my sisters-in-law who loves telling stories about people I don't care about. I'll get sad thinking of these who aren't with us anymore, and I know my Mom will get sad, too.

But most of all, I'll joke with all of them, we'll laugh like mad people, I'll talk of tv series with my brother's best friend, I'll eat great meals, I'll have a lot of fun. And I'll have a thought for you all!


 Christmas tale  True story:

A few days ago, my nieces were home while their Mom and Dad were busy somewhere else. The eldest, Elina, 4 years old, plays at tea parties. Later, she brings me some fake pieces of food and asks "I want you to do some magic!" So I do the best wizard impersonation of my life, hide some toys behind a clothe, tells her to close her eyes while I say the spell, and hide the toy away before she opens her eyes again. She's extatic, laughs a lot, and asks "Do it again!!"
Ten minutes later, she takes the clothe, the toys, and tells me "It's my turn to do magic!"
She does exactly what she has seen me do. And obivously, when she takes the clothes off the toys, the toys are still where she has left them. She frowns, pulls a face and tells me with a dramatic tone "I can't do magic." My sister tries to help and tells her that magic requires to train during many years, but the "wait until you're older" doesn't help much to light her mood. So I tell her the truth and explain her the trick.
She listens carefully and when I'm done explaining, she looks at me and says, outraged: "But that's not real magic! I want you to do real magic!"
I tell her that I can't and she answers that I'm really no fun and that I should learn real magic.

The moral of all this? This kid is definetly a Merlin-fan to be. :)
Tags: !christmas, !they call it real life
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