Estel (sweetestel) wrote,

If you're interested in my graphics, my fanfics, or anything fandom-related I could come up with, no worries! All of these entries are and will stay public!

If you'd like to know me better then just post a comment and I'll add you if we're ever talked to each other, have any fandom in common or love the same music, live in the same place, know the same people and if you're not an evil sociopath.
(If your a nice one, go ahead, comment! :p)

THE FACEBOOK/TWITTER PROBLEM: The rule is simple and the same as on many LJs. If I find out that some content of my LJ has been posted to twitter/facebook/whatever, you'll be banned. My livejournal is semi friends-only. It means that LJ people I share fandoms with can read my fics and see my graphics, and that lj-friends of mine can get to know me through more personal entries. The people on my Facebook account don't care about fandom (some of them don't know why I care) and aren't supposed to no about f-locked content because, well, it's friend-locked. If I wanted bits of my LJ to end up on Twitter or Facebook, I'd post them there myself.
Thanks for your understanding.

Tags: !sticky post is sticky, semi friends only
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