Estel (sweetestel) wrote,

SuperWho BB

By the Grace of God by slowsunrise for the SuperWho Big Bang
Summary: The apocalypse is over for Team Free Will, but one day a blue box crashes on a field. Out steps a man who claims to be a time traveler and his companion. The young man traveling with the Doctor proves to be no other than Cas and Dean's son, not yet born in this time. Soon, the Doctor realizes that if he ever is to be, they need to find God.

A/N: It's been great working with you Sara! I only wish I could have worked more on the fic but sadly real life had another opinion about that! I hope you'll like these! :)

- Click on the posters to find the resources -


Tags: .graphics, .posters, fandom: doctor who, fandom: supernatural, fandom: superwho, pairing:destiel
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