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2011 Merlin Big Bang: Beat Your Heart In Time With Mine

Artist's notes: All of this was created for peasnbeanstalks' Merlin fanfiction Beat Your Heart In Time With Mine in the occasion of the 2011 Merlin Big Bang. It's a wonderful story, it's inventive and fun and mysterious and very well written and you just NEED to read it, people! 

The summary: In the quiet train town of Camelot, Arthur is Head Engineer and Merlin is his Head Conductor. They can’t remember a time when it’s not been like this. Station Master Uther seems to be trying his best to keep it that way, but there are other problems that need to be fixed. The broken clock tower for one, and the never-ending luminescent rain for another. In his spare time Merlin tinkers and toys with building clocks and re-imagining the oil lamp, but Arthur has a much bigger project hidden away beneath the ground that can change the way their little steam powered town is run.


Please, find all the links to the resources I've used at the end of this page. I know it's a HUGE list and that's why I need to HUGE thank you to all of the people on DeviantArt who nicely share their stock images and help me deal with my OCD need to reach the closest to perfection! Without them I'd be nothing!

-- All graphics are G rated
-- All of these are graphics. If something looks like a drawing, it's not one. It's a clever subterfuge! :p
-- Click on the wallpapers to get the bigger size. All wallpapers will be available on my deviantArt account for a HQ download in a few hours. 

Thank you, the_muppet for esetting up this Big Bang, for your incredible work, for making this so much fun!

One last thing: Selene, it was a real pleasure working with you! We're doing that again anytime! :) Thank you for being such a great writer! Thank you for creating this whole new, complex and brilliant universe! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on things I never had work before and thus giving me the posibility to surpass myself. 

--- Please if you want to see these on Tumblr, REBLOG them from my posts - DO NOT REPOST  ---



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(Tumblr Link)



(Tumblr Link)

--- Please find the story dividers all along the story!
Have a look at them, tell me what you think and read the fic, it's worth it! :) ---


- The Pocket Watch
- Paper texture
- Torn paper

- The Pocket Watch

THE TOWN (Poster & Wallpaper)
- The town is from Sanctuary-Caps.Com
- The clock
- The lantern
- The pipes & control thing
- The pocket watch
- Colin's picture is from Colin-Morgan.Com

THE TRAIN (Wallpaper)
- The Train
- The Tunnel
- The Lantern
- The Pocket Watch
- The clock
- Torn paper
- Merlin's suit
- Colin's picture is from Colin-Morgan.Com
- Bradley's picture is from Merlin's Keep

THE HEART (Poster) 

(I won't be able to give proper names to each image this time and I hope I haven't forgotten any. Thanks for your understanding.)
- The Heart
- Clock Gear
- Other Clock Gears
- Pocket Watch Gears
- Pipes
- Smaller Pipes
- Cog
- Big Gear
- Errr something (a sewing machine, maybe?)
---- The Paper belongs to someone called freky665 who used to have a DeviantArt account but doesn't anymore.
---- The Torn Corner belongs to someone called mademoiselle-phoenix who used to have a DeviantArt account but doesn't anymore.
---- The ink stains: I have absolutely no idea where these are from. My bad.

THE HEART (Wallpaper)

All resources used for THE HEART Poster, as well as:
- Clock Gear
- NutPocket Watch
- Pieces of paper
---- The Book belongs to someone called mademoiselle-phoenix who used to have a DeviantArt account but doesn't anymore.
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